iluma™ Glass & Mirror Cleaning System

Product #1493

Reduce your plastic waste and clean your glass, chrome, and mirrors more completely with the iluma™ Concentrated Cleaning System. At the Libman Company, we believe in creating quality products with cutting-edge technology to make life easier for you and reduce waste in the process. The iluma™ Concentrated Cleaning System reduces plastic waste and carbon footprints by reusing plastic containers, and reducing your waste from plastic cleaning bottles by up to 90%! This concentrated glass and mirror cleaner comes with 2 liquid pods to mix with water for a more environmentally friendly cleaning option. With convenient iluma™ refills, you can reuse the included bottle up to 10 times. 

Key Features:

  • Reduce plastic bottle waste by 90% using this kit up to 10 times
  • Buy one starter kit, then only refill pouches
  • Starter kit includes one 24 oz. bottle and 2 refills
  • Ergonomic trigger with "spray," "stream," and "off" settings
  • Easy to make and reduces wasteful plastic
  • Just fill with water, wait one minute, shake, and clean
  • Recycle the 24 oz. bottle when done with 10 uses
  • Pod dissolves in approximately one minute

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