Big Feather Duster | 6-Pack

Product #0239006

The Big Feather Duster provides a powerful dusting experience while being gentle enough for delicate items. The body of the duster is made with real ostrich feathers, while the handle gives you the reach and control you desire. Ideal for everyday dusting needs in your home, including light fixtures, spider web removal, and more, the Big Feather Duster makes it easier to maintain your home's cleanliness.  

Key Features

  • Save more by buying in bulk
  • 6 feather dusters included
  • 7 1/2-inch long handle with hanger hole
  • Made from real ostrich feathers.

Stock up with this convenient bulk buy which includes Big Feather Dusters. This makes it easier for you to simply grab and go so you can use them in a pinch. The cost of shipping has been included in the pricing.

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