A Valentine’s Day Guide to Loving Your Home

February 07, 2024

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate love and affection with those close to our hearts. While most people focus on romantic gestures, it’s also a great opportunity to show some love to your living space. In this blog, we’ll explore how cleaning and decluttering can be a rewarding act of love for both yourself and your home.


Declutter Your SpaceBox of clothes labeled "Donations"

Start by organizing and decluttering your living space. Removing unnecessary items can create a sense of order and calm, making your home a more pleasant place to be.

  • • Donate items that no longer bring you joy
  • • Invest in storage bins to maximize space


All-Purpose SpongeReset Your Kitchen

The heart of any home is the kitchen, and a well-organized kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the house. Take the time to reset your kitchen and enhance the joy of cooking.

  • • Clean all dishes and wipe down counters using the Libman All-Purpose Sponge
  • • Ensure a hygienic kitchen & replace your sponge every 2-4 weeks


Deep Clean the BathroomsTile & Tub Scrub

Take the time to thoroughly clean and sanitize your bathroom. This step not only contributes to a healthier living environment but also ensures that you have a clean and relaxing space.


Sweep & Mop the FloorsRinse 'n Wring

Clean floors can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a home. Sweeping away dust and debris, followed by mopping to give a polished finish is a simple yet effective way to uplift the atmosphere of your home.


Decorate Your HomeMicrofiber Dusting Mitt

Add a touch of love and enhance your home with Valentine’s Day decorations.

  • Dust your décor before setting it out
  • • Opt for decorations that complement your existing décor


This Valentine's Day, show love to your home. Embrace the joy of decluttering, resetting spaces, and adding a dash of love with decorations. Happy Valentine's Day!