All-American Mops, Brooms, and Brushes!

July 04, 2024
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This Independence Day, we’re reflecting on the Libman Company’s commitment to creating made in the USA products. Based in Arcola, Illinois, our family business crafts cleaning tools that tackle tough cleaning jobs and support our country with every purchase. Check out this list of all-American products to keep grime at bay even past Independence Day.


Broom and dustpan outsideIt can be hard to find time to mop and scrub floors after hectic summer activities, so why not pick a tool that can do both? The Nitty Gritty® Roller Mop includes a sponge and scrub brush with recycled water bottle fibers to break up difficult stuck-on messes. The sponge’s synthetic design makes it less susceptible to tears so you can mop over flooring without fear. Each part of the mop, from the handle to the sponge, is domestically made.



Man using Rinse 'n Wring near a staircaseDirt, dust, and pollen counts are often high in July, so you’ll need a strong sweeper to attack them all this season. Meet the Precision Angle® Broom with Dustpan, a lightweight sweeping system that removes over 99% of debris in one pass. Its sturdy, split-tip fibers easily collect fine messes both indoors and out to give all of your living spaces a clean finish. The Precision Angle® Broom with Dustpan has an all-American design with all-surface fibers, making this duo the clear choice for every sweeping need.


Woman changing out microfiber pad on Rinse 'n Wring MopHave you been looking for a heavy-duty scrubber to handle indoor and outdoor jobs? Look no further than the Big Job Kitchen Brush to replace your sink, patio, and pool brushes for a thorough clean every time. This tool’s long bristles reach small spaces, and the scrub brush breaks down buildup on various surfaces. The Big Job Kitchen Brush also features a sturdy rubber grip that withstands water to prevent slipping and sliding in any climate. As a bonus, every piece of this all-in-one brush is proudly made in our Arcola factory.